Bridge building

Experts in Residential Property

Esper Wealth focuses on residential property investments. We focus exclusively on identifying the best possible property investment opportunities in the buy-to-let sector.

As such, we work with two client groups. 


We work closely with investors to find them the best deals in terms of Return On Investment and client security. As an independent company, we are best placed to achieve this goal. We undertake extensive due diligence to ensure the developer has a successful track record and a good reputation within the industry. We do a full feasibility analysis to ensure that the development has outstanding long-term prospects. Esper Wealth only selects the UK hotspots which offer both high capital appreciation and yields. We then look for developments in areas that are undergoing a process of gentrification, so we can outperform the market and maximise your return.


Esper Wealth works closely with developers. We help them by giving them access to early-stage buyers for new and off-plan property investment schemes. You can also find angel investors to provide seed capital, to fund the beginning of the development. We also help find solutions with bridging and development finance to ensure the development is correctly funded for timely delivery.

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    This ‘bridge-building’ role is essential!

    Property developers understand that investors expect something special from us, so they are willing to offer great incentives to you. Benefits often include discounted prices and assured income, whilst in the development phase. We are confident that we can provide bespoke solutions that are unavailable anywhere else.