Instructing a Solicitor is an essential part of the purchasing process. They work for you. And it is their job to protect your interests, to ensure that your property complies with the highest standards. At Esper Wealth we work with experienced Solicitors who are intimate with our recommended developments. As we work closely with them long before our developments come to market. This helps with a smooth and hassle-free completion, as once a site is launched, they’re prepared for any queries.

There are several benefits of instructing an approved solicitor. These include:

  • Simple and smooth exchange of contracts and funds
  • Experts in off-plan property with a proven quality of client service
  • A thorough understanding of the development
  • Strong working relationship with our in-house team
  • A cost-effective solution, as they are already intimate with the development

‍Whilst we supply a panel of recommended solicitors, you are free to instruct your own Solicitor if you prefer.

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